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Refund Policy

To assure that refund is made justly, we have created a simple Refund Policy that we suggest to our clients to read and accept before requesting a refund.

  • In the event the customer isn’t contented with the dissertation that is written and delivered by the company, a written request regarding the refund must be submitted within 3 days following the delivery date.
  • As the client fails to file the written refund request within the legally allotted time, the company will revoke the client’s rights to demand the refund since the client will be assumed contented with the delivered order.

At Done Dissertation, we do our level best to guarantee that our theses overflow with 100% fabulousness since it is the main way we can accomplish our objective, which is, your entire fulfillment. However, at times a mistake is likely occurred by the organization because of various reasons. Along these lines, it is our obligation to repay our clients in one way or the other, on the off chance that we happen to make any inconvenient our customers coincidentally.

  • To guarantee that discount is made legitimately, we have made a basic Refund Policy that we propose to our customers to peruse and acknowledge before asking for a discount.
  • In the circumstance the client isn’t satisfied with the thesis that is composed and conveyed by the organization, a demand in written with regards to the discount must be submitted within 3 days soon after the delivery date.
  • As the customer neglects to record the composed discount ask within the legitimately assigned time, the organization will deny the customer’s rights to request the discount since the customer will be expected to be satisfied with the conveyed order.
  • If you haven’t received your completed dissertation task even following contact us at least 3 times in 3 business days. You will have to give us proof of communication.
  • In case the client request various amendments but then doesn’t feel satisfied with the made modifications by the authors, you are eligible for document of disagreement in detailed. In such occasion the organization will be obligated to act in the accompanying conduct:

Furnish a different expert writer to make the necessary editing or re-write the whole dissertation from start while ensuring the order is delivered on-time.

If you haven’t got your ended dissertation assignment in spite of taking after search out, be in touch with us not less than 3 times in 3 business working days. You should give us confirmation of all the correspondence.

  • The organization saves the rights to either allow a discount or no discount at all in the event of a minor delay in the dissertation’s delivery or some inconsequential mistakes.
  • If the client accidentally pays twofold than the concurred sum, the organization will be obligated to reimburse the extra sum instantly.
  • We don’t ensure any review. No discounts might be issued in the light of low or not succeed evaluation.

Contact and Dispute Resolution Contract

  • In instance of disappointment, the customer is encouraged to tell the organization instantly before beginning off any charge back through an outsider or third party.
  • In case if the two party, i.e., the client and the organization, incapable to realize any sensible statement in regards to remuneration inside 14 days, the customer will be in need then to contact the go-between.
  • In the occasion that the customer doesn’t tell the organization before beginning off a charge back, quick neutralization will be taken against the customer because of rupture of agreement.